Ecstatic Dance



Biweekly Dance Meditation in Utrecht

on Sunday evenings (18:30 - 21:30)

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What is it?

Ecstatic Dance on Sunday evenings in Utrecht, organised by Sefrijn. This form of dance is open for everybody. You don't need any experience. We offer you a wonderful ballet floor, atmospheric lights, a delicious sound system and a wonderful tribe!

Ecstatic Dance is a playground for movement, a meditation practice and a celebration of life. We practice to be in the here and now in an embodied way, (re)discovering all the creative ways we can express whatever is alive inside of us. We draw our attention inwards to become aware of what is alive within, welcoming our feelings in a safe space. From this internal space we give ourselves (and each other) permission to freely express in the dance. The music and energy vary from very soft to wild or playful, square beats to fluid and sensual. Be welcome to meet yourself and meet others in this wonderful dance practice.

Upcoming Events


  • Noble Silence - We dance without words
  • Barefoot - Feel the earth, socks are allowed
  • Natural High - No drugs, rapé, energy drinks or alcohol. Free tea & water
  • Respect - Tune into your own boundaries and those of others
  • Here and Now - No phones or cameras


We are currently looking for a new location. Stay tuned!


  • 18:30 Doors Open
  • 19:00 Opening Ceremony
  • 19:30 Ecstatic Dance Journey
  • 21:30 Closing

Our front door closes 19:00 sharp when the ceremony has started, in order to truly go on this journey together. Just like a train, there is a chance you miss it. We believe this enriches the experience and coherence of the field.